About me

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Ksenia Sannikova is a professional wedding and love-story photographer based in Venice, Italy.

Photography is her biggest passion. Without forcing poses, she captures the moments as  they naturally happen, stopping time and catching this amazing moments. Her images are full of creativity and emphasize on the natural beauty of her clients.

Ksenia focuses on creating photos that are romantic, intimate and elegant.

Although she is based in Venice, she is available in all Italy and Europe for wedding and love-story photo shootings.

One of the most important things for each professional photographer is keeping up with the latest technology, that's why Ksenia is using the latest available equipment. She prefers taking pictures during the day in order to benefit from the sun’s natural light. That's why she advises her clients to arrange the time of the shooting early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the light is very beautiful and soft.

As a professional wedding and love-story photographer it would be her honour to capture memories for your special day - wedding, anniversary, engagement, proposal or romantic trip. She works very closely with each of her clients ensuring that they will get a package designed and customized with their specific wishes.

Contact Ksenia to know her availability for your date.